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A collection of frequently asked questions provided to help webmasters with answers regarding how the voting system works and solution to common problems.

How often can you vote?

Each unique visitor based on IP addresses can vote once every 24 hour. But there are multiple protections in place preventing abuse of the system which might cause legit votes to be temporary blocked. This is not something the website owner or the user can see when the vote is done.

How do I know the voting code is working properly?

When you click on the voting button on your site you should come to a page where you have 40 seconds to enter a capatcha code. This is indicating that your referrer is picked up correctly and connected to a registered account on our site.

You should after some time see your sites voting points (IN) increase if it is the right account that is connected.

My votes are not counting, what is wrong?

Make sure you have entered the domain-field correctly. It should only contain the root of your URL without the protocol used. Here is an example of how a website URL is converted into a proper domain value:

URL: http://www.myawesomegamesite.com/gameserver1/
Domain: www.myawesomegamesite.com (it's also possible without the www.)

If you have multiple servers or sharing a domain, you can extend the domain field to include the subfolder /gameserver1/. But make sure the votes are sent from a URL inside that subfolder then.

A vote sent from http://www.myawesomegamesite.com/gameserver1/votingpage.html will work because the domain matches it. But if the vote were sent from http://myawesomegamesite.com/votingpage.html it would NOT work because the www in the domain field doesn't match with the referrer.

If you see a voting gateway with capatcha yours or someone else's account is picking up the referrer properly.

Still doesn't work?

The most common problem if the domain field is properly entered but still no votes are recorded is one of the following:
  • Your browser or firewall is removing the referrer data that the voting system needs to work. Make sure your referrer data is passed correctly (try Google some online tools).
  • You are trying to send votes from an encrypted protocol to our site. Links that goes from HTTPS to regular HTTP are usually stripped from all referrer data to protect the user.
  • Another account is picking up your referrer data. If you see a voting gateway with capatcha this is the most likely issue.
If nothing works. Login to your account using the "Edit Site" link and go to the HTML-section. You will find another link to use in the bottom that fixes the issues above.
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