Top Game Sites was launched during the end 2004, and today it reaches millions of gamers all around the world. We give you the opportunity to advertise on Top Game Sites and reach out to this group of gamers. We can provide you with site wide advertising solutions or if you are a member of the toplist, you can upgrade your account with premium membership and get more attention in the list for small monthly fee.


Statistic from Oct 2006 to Feb 2007 Top Game Sites is a growing website and each month we get more visitors. January was the first month to reach 1 million unique visitors. And in February we broke the records again and March is expected to reach 1.2 million unique visitors.

By advertising on Top Game Sites you will reach a lot of visitors with gaming interest and most of them will also be interested in computer hardware and technology. More statistics can be found here.

Site Advertising

We can offer you to buy site wide advertising on Top Game Sites with different advertising positions. All advertising is site wide, which means you will buy one spot for the hole month in all of our categories. The price depends on which position you would like to buy. The table below shows different positions and price tags.

Advertising Type Position & price
728x90 Banners - Inside Content
Above Rank 1 Contact us for the price.
120x600 Banners - To the right
Top Contact us for the price.
Below Top Contact us for the price.
120x240 Banners - Under menu to the left
Below Top Contact us for the price.

Whatever ad spot you choose your banner will approximately be shown 1,500,000 times each month. If you are interested in advertising, please contact us here.

We can not offer category specific advertising

Premium Membership

As a member of TopGameSites you can upgrade your account to a Premium Membership Account and gain huge advantages over other members. Being a Premium Member has a lot of advantages that will give you more visitors from us each month. It's a great way to get more attention in the list which will generate more players to your server etc.

This is what you will get by upgrading to a Premium Membership Account:
  • Your site text will be bigger than none-premium members
  • Your banner will be shown independent of your site rank
  • Get the following benefits for only 5 EU / month:
    • Your banner will always be shown independent of your ranking
    • Your text will be bigger and your position highlighted
    • 5 euros for 100 votes and 1 month of Premium Membership
    • Your voters does not need to turn off adblocker
Premium Membership cost as low as 5 EU per month.

Premium Membership Demonstration

This is what an account with Premium Membership looks like in the list:

Click to see the example in real size
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